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Pharmaceuticals and business: what links these, in general, disparate concepts? Where is the line separating the process of drug discovery and economic prosperity? In our ever-changing world blurred and merge the concept of business and, in fact, the production of medicines. Practice shows that no Canadian pharmacy online today can not do without advertising. It is important to not only produce products, but also to show to the consumer: to bring it to market intelligently and with the expectation of the right audience. It is important not to get lost in the market and have a clear idea about his condition. Working with complex and difficult to target audiences - the key to successful marketing. To successfully overcome barriers to the release of a new drug, and when entering a new market, it is necessary to know as much as possible about the consumer.
One of the major trends in the market - the search for new audiences, trying to occupy new niches. This is dictated by the market launch preparations narrowly directed action and the desire to expand the market. Here the main thing - to select a group of potential customers, ie, a complex target audience.


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Jeff Amram 971.255.1856 917.678.5855 www.jeffamram.com
David Appelson 212.866.6287 917.841.4470 [email protected]
Jimmy Ayoub 212.598.4467 917.847.6514 www.jimmyayoub.com
Carl Bellavia 201.200.0960 201.294.9435 www.carlbellavia.com
Mark Bodnar 917.405.5717 917.405.5717 www.wherebouts.com
Mitchell Brozinsky 845.708.2377 917.922.2248 www.locationguy.net
Dave Clark 212.769.2377 917.696.9231 [email protected]
Jeri Cohen 917.940.7195 917.940.7195 www.jericohen21.com
Monty Diamond 212.477.1562 917.553.9834 [email protected]
Guy Efrat
212.491.4558 917.754.2043 [email protected]
David Fitzgerald 973.744.4577 973.865.4577 [email protected]
Charles Furer 917.806.7051 917.806.7051 [email protected]
Mitch Ganem 212.568.0311 917.447.4719 [email protected]
Peter Garruba 845.358.2006 914.841.1789 [email protected]
Deren Getz 212.387.9001 917.741.9836 www.getzlocations.com
David Graham 212.675.6411 917.273.4178 www.davidgrahamlocations.com
Joe Guest 917.273.4772 212.255.9329 www.joecguest.com
Gary Handel 718.858.4702 917.837.2420 [email protected]
Gahan Haskins 646.567.9060 646.567.9060 [email protected]
Larry Horodner 201.653.0878 917.721.8074 [email protected]
John Hutchinson 212.777.2538 917.705.2529 www.hutchinsonlocations.com
Josh Karan 212.923.1680 917.923.2584 [email protected]
Ernie Karpeles 914.833.0343 917.750.4542 www.ernieklocations.com
Eric Klein 347 9923652 347 9923652 [email protected]
Steven Knee 212.734.0605 917.439.5588 www.locationny.com
Isabelle Kostic 212.614.8500 917.592.2191 www.site4view.com
Mike Kriaris 718.464.7294 917.882.0062 [email protected]
Anne Kuronyi 917.434.1626 917.434.1626 [email protected]
Ernie Liberati 212.721.1830 917.968.8635 www.ernieliberati.com
Hal Mattes 607.637.2584 917.771.0549 [email protected]
Joseph Mennella 718.253.0140 917.449.7507 setgetter.locations.org
Tommy Moore 917.701.5979 917.701.5979 [email protected]
John Norwood 212.473.7195 917.509.4500 [email protected]
Tom Rees 973.761.4404 201.407.0097 www.tjreeslocations.com
Tibi Scheflow 212.375.0172 917.822.2489 [email protected]
Glenn Schuster 917.282.7360 917.282.7360 glenn.zenfolio.com
Michael Sibley 917.846.7977 917.846.7977 www.silverstreaklocations.com
Jared Smith 646.773.6121 646.773.6121 www.nyscouting.smugmug.com
John Spady 917.992.7914 917.992.7914 [email protected]
Cassis Staudt 917.771.3792 917.771.3792 www.momentvision.com
Daniel Strol 845.424.3247 914.673.4666 [email protected]
Sasha Tsyrlin 973.783.1190 973.960.2131 www.sashatsyrlin.com
Eric Wrolstad 917.548.5718 917.548.5718 www.ericwrolstad.com


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Jimmy Ayoub 212.598.4467 917.847.6514 [email protected] jimmyayoub.com
Kate Beall N/A 917.907.1276 [email protected] N/A
Carl Bellavia 201.200.0960 201.294.9435 [email protected] carlbellavia.com
Mitchell Brozinsky 845.708.2377 917.922.2248 [email protected] locationguy.net
Robert Chemtob 212.222.4081 917.886.3398 [email protected] rchem.locations.org
Jean Chien N/A 917.826.0691 [email protected] N/A
Jeri Cohen N/A 917.940.7195 [email protected] N/A
Carey DePalma N/A 917.224.6601 [email protected] N/A
Monty Diamond 212.477.1562 917.553.9834 [email protected] N/A
Les Fincher N/A 917.796.1411 [email protected] lesfincher.com
David Fitzgerald 973.744.4577 973.865.4577 [email protected] N/A
Mitch Ganem 212.568.0311 917.447.4719 [email protected] N/A
Deren Getz 212.387.9001 917.741.9836 [email protected] getzlocations.com
Gary Handel N/A 917.837.2420 [email protected] garysloft.com
Gahan Haskins N/A 646.567.9060 [email protected] N/A
Larry Horodner 201.653.0878 917.721.8074 [email protected] N/A
John Hutchinson 212.777.2538 917.705.2529 [email protected] hutchinsonlocations.com
Ernie Karpeles 914.833.0343 917.750.4542 [email protected] ernieklocations.com
Eric Klein 347 9923652 347 9923652 [email protected] N/A
Winnie Lam N/A 917.378.5742 [email protected] N/A
Ernie Liberati 212.721.1830 917.968.8635 [email protected] ernieliberati.com
Brendan MacDevette N/A 551.404.5798 [email protected] brendanlocations.com
Hal Mattes 607.637.2584 917.771.0549 [email protected] locationmgrusa.com
Mike McGrail 718.916.8570   [email protected]  
Joseph Mennella 718.253.0140 917.449.7507 [email protected] setgetter.locations.org
Tommy Moore N/A 917.701.5979 [email protected] N/A
Rik Nagel N/A 917.449.2929 [email protected] N/A
Ko Niizuma N/A 917.405.0683 [email protected] N/A
Jennifer Quesenbery N/A 917.582.4504 [email protected] N/A
Tom Rees 973.761.4404 201.407.0097 [email protected] tjreeslocations.com
Tibi Scheflow 212.375.0172 917.822.2489 [email protected] N/A
Bear Schmidt N/A 917.449.4523 [email protected] bearlocations.com
Glenn Schuster N/A 917.282.7360 [email protected] glenn.zenfolio.com
John Spady N/A 917.992.7914 [email protected] scoutingentrance.com
Cassis Staudt N/A 917.771.3792 [email protected] momentvision.com
Daniel Strol 845.424.3247 914.673.4666 [email protected] N/A
Sasha Tsyrlin 973.783.1190 973.960.2131 [email protected] sashatsyrlin.com
Eric Wrolstad N/A 917.548.5718 [email protected] ericwrolstad.com

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